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Gourmet Chocolate Tray

Uncover the treasure trove of chocolatey delights with the Gourmet Chocolate Tray. Nestled in a golden tray, this indulgent assortment is designed to satisfy every chocolate lover's craving.

Delight in the luxurious taste of Birnn truffles, crafted with precision and love. Experience the perfect combination of crunch and richness with chocolate-covered almonds. Explore the variety of gourmet chocolates, each one a delectable treat for your senses.

The Gourmet Chocolate Tray is a gift of pure indulgence, perfect for sharing and savoring. Whether it's a special occasion or a simple moment of self-care, this golden tray of chocolatey goodness is sure to bring smiles and joy to all who indulge.

We customize all of our gift baskets
to your budget and taste.
The tray pictured here is $90

*All baskets are subject to changes in product based on budget and seasonal availability.
Small:  $90.00
Medium:  $110.00
Large:  $130.00


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