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Gentleman's Beard Tin

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Keep those good looks going anytime, anywhere - with Gentlemanís Beard Tin. Youíre on the go, whether itís work or play and Gentlemanís Beard Tin has all you need to keep you looking dapper 24/7. With its stainless steel trimming scissors, 10 ml of beard oil, and double-sided pear wood comb, youíll have all you need for grooming in a reusable tin.

The Gentlemanís Beard Tin includes everything a man on-the-go needs. When youíre feeling scruffy and need a quick kit to keep sharp and looking well groomed, this tin will come in handy. It includes a double-sided pear wood comb, 10ml of beard oil, and stainless steel trimming scissors, so that you can keep that beard as short or long as youíd like. This kit is handy for anywhere...from glove box to overnight bag. Youíll be handsome in any situation when you have a Gentlemanís Beard Tin.

Whether youíre into the lumberjack or hipster look, or anything in between, the Gentlemanís Beard Tin will give you the look youíre after in a small, reusable tin with all the goodies you need to keep that handsome face neatly trimmed. The tin makes a great stocking stuffer. Santa knows firsthand that keeping your beard looking sharp can leave a lasting impression for years to come. The Gentlemanís Beard Tin makes a perfect gift for all the hairy and not so hairy guys that are on the go. Everyone knows how nice it is to keep the crumbs out of your chin whiskers. Be ready and well groomed all the time with this small, reusable tin with all you need to look and feel great.

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