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Sweet Emotion Gift Basket

This basket is ready to go on any kitchen table or office desk. Featuring a decorative fresh fruits and packed with delicious treats like Peanut Brittle, Covered Bridge & Sour Lemon Drops. It's sure to be a hit!

We customize all of our gift baskets
to your budget and taste.
The basket pictured here is $145

*All baskets are subject to changes in product based on budget and seasonal availability.

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Small:  $145.00
Medium:  $165.00
Large:  $185.00


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- Fresh Grapes
- Fresh Oranges 
- Fresh Apples 
- Fresh Bananas 
- Lindor Chocolate
- Taveners Sour Lemon Drops
- Rogers Chocolate
- Peanut Brittle
- Raincoast Crisps
- Covered Bridge Chips
- Covered Bridge Popcorn


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